Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stacey Lannert - Taking out the trash

Stacey Lannert was born in 1972 in Missouri. She lived with her father, Tom, her mother, Deb, and her sister, Christy. Take a look. What a lovely family.

With just one tiny problem. Something that might be a problem down the road. Daddy has been having incestual relationships with his daughter Stacey. Since third grade, Mr. Tom Lannert has been sexually abusing his daughter. It often goes to intercourse whenever either A) he is drunk, or B) Deborah kicks him out of bed.

As Tom was having sex with his daughter, it may not surprise you to learn he was a manipulative bastard. He swore Stacey to secrecy, made her think that this was something dads did with their favorite daughters. It is true that there is no known evidence of claim that Christy was sexually abused. No, Christy had to settle for just the physical punishment. Of course, you can only trick a kid about this kind of thing for so long. By eighth grade, Stacey realizes that this whole thing is a little fucked up. She tried avoiding him but surprise, that just pisses him off even more. Some people like to get those stress balls you can squeeze. Tom likes to abuse his children. I guess we all have ways fo blowing off steam.

It's around this point that Stacey gets her own dose of physical punishment as well. Whenever she expresses any negative reaction over his sexual desires, he beats her and rapes her anyway, sometimes giving oral sex.

People often seem to wonder how those around victims of such heinous abuse don't realize what's happening. Well, they did. Or at least suspected. Stacey's mother, cousin, babysitter, and psychologist all suspected she was being abused. Her mother found a bloody pair of Stacey's underpants in the basement where Tom often abused her. To top it off, Deborah would occasionally hear Stacy was crying in the basement. Of course, you'd think maternal instinct would be to help out, but she'd think to herself "Well, Tom's down there. I'm sure he'll help her with whatever is bothering her." Why did nobody say anything? Well, I don't know. Lack of evidence, maybe. People have a tendency to not like being accused of heinous crimes, so if I were to speculate, I'd say nobody wanted to pursue beyond their suspicions. Personally, the bloody underwear found in the same room where Stacey kept crying while deranged, drunk, daddy was down there with her would have done it for me, but to each his own.

When Stacey was 13, her parents got divorced. Both daughters stayed with Tom. With Deborah gone, daddy was all alone with his kids. It was like the carnival for the sick fuck. He drank and abused at increasing frequencies, often going to multiple attacks per week. Stacey finally left home after dropping out of her senior year in high school, going to live with her mom. Christy was left behind. But Christy and Stacey would still talk over the phone. Christy began pleading for Stacey to come home. The assault was too much to take. She needed her sister. Stacey began feeling guilt. She returned home to Missouri.

Daddy hadn't learned his lesson. Once home, Stacey became the subject of his twisted desires once more. And at last something was starting to click in her brain. What would it be like, she said to herself, if daddy was gone? Not only would he be dead, but she'd inherit a great deal of money that she and her sister could live on. They would finally be free.

Stacey and Christy spent their hours at a fair, and returned home at 4:15 am on the morning of July 4th, 1990, to sneak their puppy out, worried Tom was going to kill it. Stacey sneaks through the basement window. When she gets in, she sees a rifle. The same rifle she used when she learned how to shoot a gun. This is it, she told herself. This is where I can kill him. It has to be now. It WILL be now.

Tom was sleeping on the couch as Stacey shot him in his collar bone. He didn't quite ralize he was shot, he simply jolted up and ordered Stacey to call 911. Stacey quite remarkably obeyed, but was having trouble finding the phone. He yelled at her for taking so long, and she began to panic. This tells me just how huge the extent of his control over her was. Here she is, after 18 years of abuse, shooting the man responsible for all her pain, and she's taking orders to save him. But she recomposed herself, remembered what she had intended to do, and thinks to herself "He doesn't deserve to live". She returned to him, where he was now lying back down on the couch. She shot him again. She would not miss this time. The bullet hit him in the head, killing him instantly. She left the house the same way she came in - through the basement door. She kept the rifle with her.

The following day, she had some friends help her cover up the crime. One friend got rid of the gun. Another friend was with her when she went back to the house, pretending to discover the body for the first time. She called the police, but the problem with having so many people help you is that the secret spreads. And some secrets are hard to keep. The more people you tell, the more you risk that secret coming out. And so it was that during questioning, one of her friends implicated her in the shooting. She was arrested for the murder of Tom Lannert.

Initially, Stacey was given a very harsh sentence, given the abusive circumstances. Life in prison with no possibility of parole(honestly, triple-murdering 12-year old in an otherwise perfectly stable family gets 10 years? I heard the Canadians were friendlier but what the fuck?). However, in January of 2009, Missouri Governor Matt Blunt commuted the sentence to 20 years, which as the arrest was made roughly 20 years ago, was essentially time served. She currently awaits a parole hearing.

I've read about so many of these female killers. Killers from all around the world, of every status, of every race, etc... It is amazing how disturbing some minds can be. But then every now and then, one surprises me, because I find that I just can't find it in me to find an act deplorable. I just can't be angry about it. And why should I be? I've read about women who were psychopaths, delusional, psychotic, petty, greedy, and envious.

But Stacey Lannert was just taking out the trash.

Fun Facts

* After her release from prison, Stacey Lannert appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show on May 14, 2009.

* Stacey Lannert runs the website Healing Sisters, a non-profit agency to end sexual abuse in America.


  1. Amazing article... I learned a lot.
    I agree, killing for protection isn't as bad as killing without a reason, or envy, or money, etc.

  2. She practiced firing a gun with her sister with intent to kill her father days before the murder. The story was for money. The day after the murder stacy makes rape claim.
    Also tried to hire hitman, spent hundrends through forged checks from fathers account and planned to buy cars for friends and open club with money from father's death.